Post Hoax Collapse Consequences

Dr Curry maintains such great dignity for herself and respect for other who have vilified her over many years. She remains fiercely connected to the rigours of empirical science simply pointing out the absence of research into natural climate warming and equally the paucity of research to link between man made co2 to warming.

The latest  chapter illustrating that the Paris accords and co2 reductions are impossible to achieved no mater what we do would be  laughable if the whole subject was not so serious.

I just feel a strong need to say thank you Dr Curry.

Equally Dr Curry would not be interested in the rest of this and I understand why.

It is fascinating to consider the fall out or consequences after the inevitable collapse of the hoax process. Climate Change is now so intricately woven into western society.

  • There must be a significant spike in oil stocks as soon as the markets get it.Buy now!
  • The global automotive industry will be a tad annoyed – they have spent billions on pretty useless electric cars.
  • The construction industry ( my field) will demand the abolition of really ridiculous insulation and sustainability nonsense we have to put up.
  • I don’t care about IPCC scientists with their collapsed careers- but will the public be angry at having been duped for so long so well and how will we all react?
  • There is an enormous “environmental industry ” of advisors out there.
  • Africa will be able to develop properly with real coal power stations and the most poor people in the world can have electricity.
  • Carrers for people like Brain Cox will take a dip along with the US science Guy Bill.
  • Scientists can get funding to  do real research with the billions saved into pollution, particulates and food production
  • Im going to buy a hot tub!!
  • Anybody got any other ideas.

Kevin Martin

West Yorkshire



2 thoughts on “Post Hoax Collapse Consequences

  1. Good on you, Kevin. I started my blog ( for very similar reasons. Here in Australia we have some of the biggest coal reserves in the world but we have decided not to use them. This week the State of Victoria switched off one quarter of its generating capacity. When Melbourne starts having blackouts in the coming winter months I guess they will somehow blame it on us evil deniers.

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    1. Hi John
      I’m still a bit clunky working out this blog thing.
      Your blog and website is fascinating. We are very close to killing the cows.
      I’m over in WA this Christmas with my inlaws one of whom lives in Adelaide and is a green campaigner. Should be interesting.
      On the news today Radio 4 BBC the chair of the Artic Council was talking of ongoing polar melting and global warming to John Humphreys UKs probably most senior BBC journo.
      The interesting thing was that he asked why wasn’t the Antarctic warming as well when it’s getting colder. Then he asked her if she thought the was a “crisis”
      She said of course it was.
      Not much but really quite a marked change in approach to interviewing climate alarmist folks.
      Is this a small crack in the crumbling hoax?
      I find the main problem in trying to talk to reasonable intelligent people about this is that you are in fact asking them to consider accepting that they have been pretty stupid for decades in taking global warming crap on board.
      I have degree in sociology and politics and it’s this aspect that first drew my interest. It’s so easy for people to believe anything. Just look at religion.
      I’ve written some concise passionate mails to Brian Cox asking him to be a scientist.
      It’s all hard going as I expect you know well. I can’t get anyone to discuss the science 97% 97% is all you can get.
      I hate the feeling that I’ve become some sort of anti climate change evangelist. I’m mostly just angry at having been manipulated.
      Thanks for your reply.


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